Ye Coach Horn Tootlers Walter Godden


Ye Coach Horn Tootlers

 Walter Godden.

First Published 1893,

5 3/4″ x 8 1/4″ (15 x 21 cm) 21 pages, plus adverts. Very good condition.

This is a reprint of a book that gives information on playing the coaching horn. Few wind instruments are more inspiriting than a Mail Horn well played, few are more difficult to master, and none so excruciating to listen to whilst being learnt.

Amateurs having overcome the initial difficulties and able to sound their notes well, and even many professional Guards, are sadly at a loss for tunes suitable to an Instrument where every note has to be made by the lip and tongue. The constant reiteration of two or three notes without variation becomes wearisome to Coach passengers, and any effort to improve the general condition of affairs in this respect will be welcomed by all lovers of Coaching.
To Walter Godden, who was so long and honorably associated with the late James Selby, as Guard, a meed of praise must be given for the patience and perseverance exhibited in compiling from memory the following tunes in a form which the student may easily acquire.

The print on the frontispiece shows Ye “Old Times” – James Selby’s Fast Record – 7 hours 50 minutes. London to Brighton and back “Passing Cuckfield Park”.
The book gives hints to those who wish to learn from Walter Godden, additional hints and exercises from Boosey & Co’s, including twenty five coach horn tunes.