The Horse a Bibliography of British Horse Books 1851-1976


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The Horse a Bibliography of British Horse Books 1851-1976. Published 1982, 10″x 7″ (26 x 18cm) 371 pages plus a title index and an author index. Very good condition. This is a limited edition book of 1000 hand numbered copies signed by the author. This book is long out of print. Anne Grimshaw has produced the most remarkable book, it could almost be said that it is the most important book about horses that has ever been produced, as it summarizes not only a large proportion of all the books about horses, horsemanship and horsemastership, with the exception of racing, over the last 125 years, but also gives the background against which the books were written. In many ways this is the most fascinating part of the book. Each section, and there are six, is introduced by what is perhaps best described as an equine social history. The whole scene in each period is extraordinarily well analysed so that one sees clearly the varying relative importance of the different types of horse: the working horse, the carriage horse, the hunter and so on. Such for instance was the popularity of hunting at the turn of the century that 20% of all the books on equestrianism published at that time were connected with hunting._x000d_