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Offord and Sons. This is a reprint of the Illustrated Catalogue of the latest and most fashionable types of English and American pony carriages built and imported by Offord & Sons Limited who had showrooms in London. 4x 53/4″ (10.5×14.5cm) vg cond 63 pp. The first portion of this catalogue is devoted to Messrs Offord’s carriages of English design and manufacture, while the second part contains a number of carriages of American type, the production of the well-known firm of “Studebaker”, for whom Messrs Offord are the Sole British Agents. There is a fundamental difference between American and English four wheeled vehicles. The English type of carriage can be made with an all round lock, the draft from the front to the hind axle passing through the body. Our cousins on the other side of the Atlantic, however, construct their four wheeled carriages with under perches or bars which connect up the front and hind wheels independently of the body. This catalogue does not pretend to be exhaustive, many other types of carriage being made by us for ponies, but the enclosed are selected as being the best and most representative styles._x000d_