Horse-Sense & Horsemanship of To-Day, Geoffrey Brooke


Horse-Sense and Horsemanship of To-Day

Economy and method in Training Hunters and Polo Ponies


Geoffrey Brooke

with Introductions by

General The Earl of Cavan and Lord Wodehouse, M.C.

published 1924,

175 pages plus index, hard cover green cloth, gilt lettering on spine, good condition. Illustrated throughout with line drawings and b+w photos. Neat inscription on the front page.
Two chapters are of special interest, Chapter IV “The Riders Seat over Fences”, Chapter IX “A Lucky Day with Mr X” as regards the former, it is high time that some of our young enthusiasts were made to realise that there is a difference, or should be difference, in the seat required for the five different objects for which they ride horses:

1. Schooling, 2. Hunting, 3. Point-to-point racing, 4. School jumping, 5. On parade.

I watched with great care that ill-famed drop fence in the Army point-to-point course at Arborfield in 1922 and 1924. Not 30% of the riders threw “the body back as the horse was about to land” (see page 33). In spite of the amount of technical detail, I personally have found these chapters so explicit and interesting that I feel convinced that no one who cares about the game, from the oldest hand to the youngest novice, could fail to benefit by studying them carefully.

This book will be of the utmost assistance to many, in particular to those who are keen on the game and anxious to train their own ponies.

This is a fantastic book on training polo ponies, point-to-pointers, Hunters, Racehorses,etc

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