Gypsy Camera Tony Boxall


Gypsy Camera

Tony Boxall

First Edition Published 1970,

10″x 8″ (26 x 20.5 cm) 127 pages.

A superb as new copy. Illustrated with b/w photographs.

Tony Boxall’s chance encounter with Jim, a Gypsy travelling in southern England in 1964, led to a four year photographic project which, by equal good fortune, recorded the most significant transition in Gypsy culture in several hundred years.

His photographs depict one Gypsy family’s experience of the decline of the horse-drawn way of life and show a family of travellers coming to terms with the motorised era

Beyond their importance as a record of our recent social history, these are delightful photographs to behold. The richness and colour of this little understood culture springs to life through the medium of Tony’s camera, particularly in the weathered faces of the life-hardened adults and the lively, expressive child studies. The photographs are a celebration of a way of life which will never be quite the same again. Brian Raywid’s informed and authoritative commentary on Gypsy life complements the photographs, bring interesting details to the attention and providing a rich understanding of the travelling way of life.