Globetrotting exploring horsemanship Rosie Jones McVey



A Travelogue exploring horsemanship in far-flung Places

Rosie Jones McVey

First Edition 2015

Large paperback, unread, almost like new

9 1/4″  6 1/4″, 240 pages, illustrated with a section of colour photographs,

Rosie Jones McVey has a natural talent for horse training. She has trained horses professionally since she was a teenager. At 21, she became the youngest every Recommended Associate of the Intelligent Horsemanship Assn. She has ridden in demos for Kelly Marks and Monty Roberts. Her passion for finding the best solution to horse training problems is infectious, and while she is able to succeed in all manner of horse training challenges she never loses the perspective of a student, keen to lean from any direction and willing to share her experiences. She remains refreshingly open to new ideas and honest about her own internal debates surrounding horse training choices. She is currently undertaking a PhD in horse/human interaction at Cambridge University


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