Drawn For Friends sketches and verse Joan Wanklyn


Drawn For Friends

Sketches and Verse

Joan Wanklyn

First Edition 1986

10″ x 7″, 63 pages, illustrated by the author with beautiful black and white sketches,

The work of Joan Wanklyn, equestrian and military artist, is known and admired throughout the horse world.

For thirty odd years she has delighted her friends with her Christmas cards which feature original sketches and in some cases verses.

Now for the first time a selection of these drawings and verses, together with some longer prose pieces, which reveal a considerable writing talent are brought together in this charming book.

The drawings cover many many facets of the horses relationship with man-the war horse,shepherds pony, racehorse, ploughman’s heavies, polo ponies and many more, each drawing captures with the artists typical accuracy the grace and symmetry of the equine form.

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