The Chase Michael Clayton


The Chase

Michael Clayton

Hardback in a vg dust jacket, 10″x 8″,154 pages + index, First Edition  published 1987,

illustrated with colour, black and white photographs and drawings by John King,

The Chase covers all aspects of the sport,  from where to hunt and how a hunt is run to a who’s who of modern foxhunting,  and advice on what to wear.

Michael Clayton covers the history of the sport and surveys all the hunts in the British Isles with the different methods used in varying terrains. He explains the organisation and financing of modern packs and the key role of the field master in leading and controlling the field. He considers the breeding, training and care of horses and hounds, and looks at the ecology and lifestyle of the modern fox from a hunting man’s point of view. He discusses how to dress and how to behave in the field, the place of the sport in art and literature and the international foxhunting scene.

Finally, Michael Clayton provides a valuable analysis of the current political campaign against the sport, setting out a detailed and persuasive case for foxhunting’s future as a successful element in British country life.


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