The Cavalry Manual of Horse Management Fredrick L Devereux SORRY THIS BOOK IS NOW SOLD


The Cavalry Manual of Horse Management

Fredrick L Devereux Jr.

published 1979

9 1/2″ X 6 1/2″, 230 pages + index, illustrated with b+w photographs and diagrams.

Paperback showing signs of use


“During its heyday between the two World Wars, the U.S. Cavalry School at Fort Riley, Kansas, was the internationally recognized fountainhead of know-how in horse management, and its manuals were the standard reference works for both military and civilian horsemen. Long out of print, the Cavalry School’s comprehensive manual on Animal Management (animals to the cavalry were understood to be horses or mules) has always been regarded by knowledgeable owners and trainers as the definitive and all-inclusive reference work on taking proper care of a horse. Many current books on horse management are available to the reader. Most are based on the original Cavalry School manual, and none covers the many facets of the subject as thoroughly and understandably as the original work. Edited and revised by Frederick J. Devereux, Jr., a distinguished graduate of the Cavalry School, the manual has now been made suitable for today’s civilian horse owners and riders, with thorough coverage, clearly presented, of anatomy and physiology, colors, markings and measurement, age estimation, conformation and judging, physical examination for soundness, feeds and feeding, care in the stable and in the field, diseases, injuries and first aid treatment, study of the horse in motion, origin and characteristics of the breeds, and transportation. The index is carefully cross-referenced to provide quick access to more than 700 topics. Many new illustrations complement the information on important topics and aid in the understanding of the subject matter. The revised CAVALRY MANUAL OF HORSE MANAGEMENT belongs in every horseman’s library as the basic reference for anyone interested in the care of horses or ponies.”.