Saddlery and Harness-Making Paul Hasluck


Saddlery and Harness-Making


Paul Hasluck

7″ x 4″, first published 1904 this copy being a reprint 1972,

2 books in one,

PART 1,  Contents, Gentleman’s Riding Saddle, Panel for, Ladies Side Saddles, Children’s Saddle or Pilches, Cruppers Breastplates etc, Riding Bridles, Breaking down tackle, Head Collars, Horse clothing, Knee caps etc, Repairing harness and saddler, re-lining collars and saddles, Whips, hunting crops etc. Set of Gig Harness, index. comprising 160 pages.

PART 2, Contents, Harness Makers Tools, Harness Makers Materials, Strap Making and Stitching, Looping, Cart Harness, Cart Collars, Cart Saddles, Reins etc, Fore Gear and Leader Harness, Bits Spurs Stirrups and Harness Furniture, Van and Cab Harness,  index, comprising 160 pages