Riding and Driving for Women


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Riding and Driving for Women by Belle Beach, 1st edition 1912, 9″ x 6″, 289pp plus index, illustrated with black and white photographs and line drawings. This book does not pretend to be an exhaustive treatise on the subject of horsewomanship. It is offered merely as a collection of the most important points gleaned in my career as a horse-lover and professional horsewoman. While from experience alone a rider may evolve good form if she is a natural born horsewoman, yet this is so rare that, with most of us, a knowledge at the start of the general fundamental principles, is essential. It was my good fortune to have my mother, Mrs Emily S Beach, lay the foundation for me and, similarly, these chapters may aid some of my readers. Nothing in this book is hearsay. That which takes but a moment to tell has taken me years to learn; learned as a pupi; learned as a teacher; learned by observation; learned by exhibition, by many a triumph, by many a heart-break; much of it a pleasure, much a hard task, but repaid always by my comrades through it all – the horses. The book is two books in one, and the first 190 pages deal with riding. The second and lesser part of the book with driving. This part of the book was probably the first time anybody had written on the subject of driving horses from a female point of view. It does include four in hand and tandem driving, both considered to be “risque”at the time of writing. A very scarce book in nice condition with a single word penciled in the front from the previous owner, “Shone”. SORRY BOOK NOW SOLD BUT I DO HAVE A MODERN REPRINT IN STOCK £95