Real Life Dressage training advice from novice to grand prix Carl Hester and Polly Ellison


Real Life Dressage

Training advice from novice to grand prix

Carl Hester and Polly Ellison

First published 2004

Dressage doesn’t have to be complicated!

In Real Life Dressage Carl Hester shares his training methods and shows how they can be adapted to suit individual horses.

Assisted by co-writer Polly Ellison, he outlines his training regimes and favourite exercises, following some of his own horses up the levels to Grand Prix. As the training progresses Carl examines the problems that are commonly encountered, and explains how he and other riders might overcome them.

As Carl says, ‘I have deliberately chosen horses with differing conformations and mental attitudes in order to illustrate the factors that need to be taken into account when training a horse to these levels.’

Carl’s training philosophy is very much on the lines of the German training system, the ‘Richtlinien’ or broad path, that German trainers use so successfully.

‘With each of my horses, no matter what type or temperament, the fundamental ground rules from the “scales of training” apply.

In working up the levels to Grand Prix you will see that I regularly refer back to various aspects of the training scale, as I believe these ground rules should be applied constantly if you want to get the best out of your horse


1.Training Principles  2 Top Dressage Horses – Are They Born or Made?.  3 Intelligent Riding.  4 Further Philosophy – For Young Horses.  5 Training the Four- and Five-Year-Olds.  6 Training the Six- and Seven-Year-Olds. 7 Training the Seven- and Eight-Year-Olds.  8 Training the Nine- and Ten-Year-Olds.  9 Training the Grand Prix Horse.  10 Other Horses, Other Techniques.  11 The Team.

Large format paperback, 11″ X 8 1/2″, 118 pages + index, illustrated throughout with colour photographs

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