Henriquet on Dressage Michel Henriquet Catherine Durand


Henriquet on Dressage

Michel Henriquet

Catherine Durand

First English Edition 2004

The training described is carried out in distinct, progressive stages, which the author calls The Time to understand, The Time to Learn, The Time to Do and The Time to Perfect. A book that will satisfy and inform all those all those who seek guidance on working in the true classical tradition.

Michel Henriquet is an ecuyer in the fullest sense of the word

A rider and trainer in the classical tradition, whose establishment, Le Fief de la Panetiere, near Paris, draws pupils and spectators from all over the world.

An admirer of the great La Gueriniere, and the school of Versailles, Henriquet also surveys Baucher and his school with a discerning eye, being critical of certain aspects, but seeing much of value.

It was his search, in the early 1960s, for horses such as those used in the school of Versailles, that took Henriquet to Spain and Portugal. Near Lisbon, he met Nuno Oliveira who was then a virtually unknown young ecuyer.

Henriquet is proud not only to have been of Oliveira’s first foreign pupils, but also of having remained his friend and disciple up to the time of that great maestro’s death. In terms of technique, Henriquet was a great admirer of Oliveira’s tireless preoccupation with lightness, and his consequent elegance and lack of force.

Intellectually, he admired his ability to meld what was best from the school of Versailles with what was best from Baucherism. Readers of Henriquet on Dressage will quickly see that these same qualities are evident in Henriquet himself.

10″ X 7 1/4″, 250 pages + index, illustrated with colour photographs and drawings,

Hardback in a vg dust jacket



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