Breaking and training horses


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7 1/2″ x 5 1/4″, 198 pages + adverts, 1st edition 1904, binding is worn to head and foot of spine, illustrated with drawings and b+w photographs, A SCARCE TITLE, Contents, 1, general principles of horse breaking, 2, breaking tackle and its uses, 3, exercises in handling and throwing horses, 4, the mouth and aids, 5, breaking for saddle work, 6, breaking to harness, 7, jumping, 8, whips and spurs leading and logeing, 9, breaking for specific uses, 10, stable vice, 11, vice outside the stable, 12, accidents liable to occur during breaking, 13,the breakers yard and its management, 14, horse breakers and their responsobility, 15,some circus tricks, 16, breaking driving bits etc,

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