Advanced Techniques of Dressage G.N.E.F.


Advanced Techniques of Dressage

 An Official Instruction Handbook of the German National Equestrian Federation.

Hardback,  v v g condition,  9.5″x 63/4″ (24.5 x 17 cm). Pub 1996, illustrated line drawings and diagrams
This book is taken from the second of the German National Equestrian Federation Handbooks, and deals with the most important principles of advanced level dressage training.

As well as possessing natural talent and aptitude, the horse must have received a correct, all-round basic education before it can progress to the advanced stage.

The ultimate aim of training is the creation of harmony between rider and horse, and hence mutual trust and confidence, in whatever equestrian discipline and at whatever level.

The handbooks of the German National equestrian Federation are based on classical teaching, and provide the basis for the training of all who are engaged in riding.

This book has English text